Jobs is, and always will be the Number 1 priority of the McGowan Government. Just a few of the many, many things we have done include:

  • Introduced and passed the WA Jobs Act. The purpose of the Western Australian Jobs Act 2017(WA Jobs Act) is to use the State Government procurement process to enhance local industry participation in the supply of goods and services to or for agencies or the State, with a particular focus on benefits to small and medium sized enterprises.
  • Create WA Industry Link, an advisory services that supports local businesses to get work on Government contracts.
  • Delivering a new $150 million Housing Investment Package, stimulating the construction industry creating local jobs across a range of trades and services.
  • Introduced a stamp duty rebate of 75% up to $50,000 for home-buyers on per-construction residential units or apartments in multi-tiered developments, stimulating the construction sector, providing more affordable housing options and creating jobs for WA workers across a range of trades and services.
  • Provided funding to support works on the METRONET Yanchep Rail Extension, which will add an additional 14.5 kilometers of rail to the existing Joondalup Line - the project will also create thousands of jobs for local WA workers.
  • Opened a Jobs and Skills Centre at Joondalup TAFE Campus, creating a on-stop-shop for students, job-seekers and career changers to improve their skills and receive advice on training, employment and apprenticeship.