East Wanneroo

The rezoning of East Wanneroo has been on the table for nearly 20 years and it is fantastic that our Planning Minister, the Hon. Rita Saffioti MLA has prioritised and delivered on this much-needed vision and way forward.

Developed in consultation with a community reference group, the East Wanneroo District Structure Plan outlines the steps that will ultimately see the precinct become home to 150,000 people over the next 50 years.

The land ownership within East Wanneroo is highly fragmented and without a unique, coordinated approach, the area would have experienced difficulties in providing necessary infrastructure, resulting in poorly serviced, ad-hoc development outcomes.

Significant environmental features will be protected and enhanced, with a network of parkland links connecting parks with other public open spaces throughout the district.

More information including all documents can be found on the Department site: https://www.dplh.wa.gov.au/east-wanneroo-dsp

If you would like to make your views on this important issue known to me and/or set up a meeting please don’t hesitate to contact me.